High-Yield™ Gross Anatomy (High-Yield Series) by Dr. Ronald W. Dudek PhD

High-Yield™ Gross Anatomy (High-Yield  Series)

Book Title: High-Yield™ Gross Anatomy (High-Yield Series)

Publisher: LWW

ISBN: 1451190239

Author: Dr. Ronald W. Dudek PhD

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Dr. Ronald W. Dudek PhD with High-Yield™ Gross Anatomy (High-Yield Series)

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High-Yield Gross Anatomy, Fifth Edition provides a concise review of gross anatomy material tested on course and board exams. The streamlined outline format includes tables, diagrams, clinical photos, and radiographs for a concentrated, efficient review. 

In response to student feedback, the Fifth Edition features:
 • A new and updated design -- now in full color!
 • New clinical considerations, clinical photos, and radiographs
 • Concise illustrations and diagrams to clarify important material
 • Eye-catching case studies to test your knowledge before course and board exams